Structural and AC Conductivity Studies of CuFe2 O4 Prepared by Hydrothermal Method

Jessyamma Kurian, Jacob Mathew M


Nanoparticles of CuFe2 O4 are prepared by hydrothermal method with trisodium citrate as capping agent. The existence of single phase cubic spinel structure of ferrites was confirmed from XRD measurement. Surface morphology and compositional features are studied by SEM, EDX and FTIR measurements.The absorption bands in FTIR spectra are found in the expected range of ferrites and this corroborates the spinel structure of the sample.The dielectric measurement of the samples at room temperature studied in the frequency range 100 Hz to 5 MHz shows dispersion in the low frequency region and remains constant at high frequency region.Frequency dependence of dielectric constants shows normal behavior and agrees with Koops phenomenological theory of dielectric dispersion. Thermally enhanced drift mobility of charge carriers are attributed to the increase in dielectric constant with temperature. AC conductivity is derived from dielectric constant and loss tangent data. The conduction in this system is interpreted as due to small polaron hopping. The low value of dielectric loss at high frequencies makes copper ferrite desirable for high frequency applications.

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