Polymer Supported Benzyl Quaternary Ammonium Dichromate Reagent as a Versatile Oxidizing Agent for the Oxidation of Diphenylcarbinol

Benny Thomas, Divya Mathew M, K.S. Devaky


Polymer supported benzylquaternaryammonium dichromate reagent is an efficient oxidizing agent for the oxidation of primary and secondary alcohols. The time for the oxidation of diphenylcarbinol to diphenylketone was found to be dependent on the nature and extent of crosslinking, solvent nature and temperature of the reaction medium, the alkyl chain length of the trialkyl amine used for quaternization, presence of acid catalysts, the concentration of the dichromate reagent and the methylene spacers. The product diphenylketone was purified and characterized by FTIR and NMR techniques. PEG grafted dichromate reagent was prepared and afforded remarkably good yield of the product. The reaction occurs at a reasonable rate only in the presence of catalytic amount of mineral acids. The reagent could be recycled and reused without much loss in the reactivity of the polymeric reagent. This polymer supported reagent shows higher shelf life and offers simple product work up.

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